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As a full service production company, our in-house team composed of award winning cinematographers, directors, and producers handle your needs from concept phase all the way through to the final export.


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Josh Buxton
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Welcome to Ten Four. We are your one-stop-shop for all things branding and storytelling.

Experts in creative storytelling, our capabilities include: Creative Direction, Video Production, VFX, Digital Art, Social Media Management, Web Development, and Branding. Our talents harness the Power of Storytelling to grow real and impactful brand equity. Ten Four is a vertically-integrated creative agency, production company, and post-production house.

Our Team

Fully in-house, fully unique

Our Promise

We are an employee-owned, vertically integrated production company. This means that all of our key crew members work on the same projects, and also the same equipment package that has been designed for cinema-level quality, while ensuring reliability and efficiency. This reduces and often eliminates the requirement of sub-contracting.

Vertical integration comes largely from an extensive catalogue of company-owned gear. There are three partners within Ten Four, who also fill the production leadership roles of Producer, Director, and Cinematographer. This structure significantly supports our processes and quality assurance - especially when compared to the performance of other production companies and agencies that have near-or-full reliance on subcontractors to fill roles, and equipment rental houses to supply gear.

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Our Production Workflow

1. Development

Treatment, Scripting, Storyboarding

2. Pre-Production

Procurement + Logistics Planning
Crew Recruitment
Art Direction
Location Scouting

3. Shoot

Project Management
Crew Transport + Accommodation

4. Post Production

Music Selection + Licensing
Sound Design
Kinetic Typography + VFX
Logo Animations
Science Driven Colour Correction
Asset Delivery

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