2023 Communications Video

Starvolt EV

Media Strategy


StarVolt Power asked us to develop a media strategy aimed at introducing its diverse product lineup to potential early adopters. Their goal was to tap into the burgeoning corporate sector, with the ultimate aim of marketing their fleet of electric vehicles to a wide spectrum of business entities.

To successfully address this brief, we crafted a comprehensive media plan consisting of four distinct video presentations. Each video was designed to highlight the unique application possibilities of StarVolt's product range, demonstrating how these cutting-edge electric vehicles can meet varied operational needs within the corporate environment.

Our strategy was centered on emphasizing the unique attributes and advantages of StarVolt's products, encapsulating their performance, cost-efficiency, and environmental benefits. We aimed to effectively illustrate how a transition to StarVolt's electric vehicles could significantly enhance the operational capabilities of corporations, thus positioning StarVolt Power as the provider of choice within the rapidly expanding electric vehicle market.

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