March 6, 2023

Benefits Of Product Demo Videos

Josh Buxton
Partner & Exec. Producer

What Is A Product Demo Video?

In the world of marketing, a product demo video is a demonstration video as a form of promotion or marketing that allows the business to increase its traffic and enhance its brand awareness online. The main purpose of product demonstration is to inform the customer of the unique features of a product and the benefits of using it, and video demos have been proven to be the most effective at achieving this feat. In fact, video content was responsible for 82% of global internet traffic in 2022 alone, and this percentage continues to grow each year.

More and more brands these days use product demo videos as an effective and powerful promotional tool with short and engaging videos posted on social media platforms such as Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, etc. An effective product demo video can increase your overall conversions by helping you establish trust with your viewers who rely on video content to clear any doubts they may have about the product.

Another reason for considering product demo videos in your next marketing campaign is this - product demos are excellent at building trust with your customers through direct online  interaction. When customers see a brand’s founding member or staff teach them about a product through demo videos, they gain a sense of importance by believing in your product and your brand’s mission. And this is critical for higher conversions and overall increase in revenue.

Three Key Benefits Of Product Demo Videos

Yes, product demo videos will benefit your brand by increasing your online visibility, but that is not all. The following are some other benefits and advantages of product demo videos:

Product Demos Are Effective Because They Are Engaging

An effective product demo video is one that explains the features of a product in an engaging way. This is important since it has been found that interesting and engaging video content, even a short clip, can help easily answer a viewer’s question, making them more certain about deciding to purchase a product. And so, product demo videos often include animations, graphics, voiceovers, audio-visual effects, plus other features that can help enhance the video capturing the attention of a larger audience online.

Product Demo Videos Help Brands Save Time And Money

With product demo videos, brands can save a lot of time and money by promoting their business and products without the need to bear additional expenses, like travel costs, for example. Even more, brands can easily share their product video with millions of viewers online from all over the world with just a single click. In many cases, brands can use these videos, or repurpose them, in other marketing campaigns, such as email marketing, blogs, or for content for their website. And as you can imagine, this saves time and money, indeed.

Product Demos Help Establish Brand Authority

Brands who present their products in an interesting way, such as through product demo videos, have been found to benefit from being recognized as an authority online. This is because customers prefer products that they can experience prior to committing to a purchase, and product demo videos have been found to do this quite well. As a direct result of this, more customers feel a sense of trust in the brand, and are highly likely to purchase products or request services in the future.

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