March 8, 2024

How To Create A Short Attention-Grabbing Video?

Josh Buxton
Partner & Exec. Producer

You probably noticed that today, more and more video content is created by brands in order to get the attention of their audience on social media or other digital platforms. In fact, short videos are so popular that they accounted for approximately 82% of the global internet traffic in 2022. How could this be? Well, by doing some research, Microsoft found out that when it comes to advertising, humans have an 8 second attention span, and younger generations who prefer short videos, have an even shorter attention span. In this blog we will discuss how to create a short attention-grabbing video so that you can attract more potential customers to your brand.

The Video Must Hook The Audience

Attention-grabbing videos are short for a reason - they grab the attention of individuals with a short attention span who are looking to be engaged by the content. An effective short video is one which can hook an audience in the first three seconds, and this is critical since Facebook found out that some 45% of audiences will continue to watch a video only if they spend at least three seconds watching it. If the video is not engaging and slow-paced, audiences quickly lose interest and click elsewhere.

Start With A Shock

A video that can convey some shocking statistics or tell a shocking personal story at the outset will immediately grab the attention of your audience. Unsurprisingly, it is human nature to be captivated by ‘bad or sad news’ and a video with a ‘shocker’ will definitely do the trick as your audience will pay closer attention to your brand wondering if the advertised content will make a difference in their lives. By choosing to go with a controversial opening to your short video, you can easily establish an emotional connection with your audience making them care about the presented content.

Keep The Attention Of Your Audience Longer With Text Animations

It is often the case that audiences browse through social media channels with their audio turned off on their mobile devices, and this is precisely why text is so crucial for quality attention-grabbing videos. All you need is a few words at the start of your video that are central to your message and which are presented in bold and bright text. By using text animation, you can be sure that your short video will retain the attention-span of your audience long enough for them to be convinced that the ad is worth clicking on.

Make Sure Your Video Looks Good

Videos that are of good production quality, including short-videos, are important for a few reasons. First, it has been found out by researchers that audiences generally lose interest in watching low-quality videos simply because they can watch a higher-quality video instead. And second, a higher-quality video will reach a wider audience online as the content can be viewer-accessible in a variety of formats on various digital devices, from smartphones, tablets, smart TV’s, laptops, and more.  

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