May 17, 2023

How AI has changed the world of media production, so far in 2023.

Josh Buxton
Partner & Exec. Producer

It's been just a few years since we started seeing AI in the news. Now, it seems as though every industry has been affected by AI, from healthcare to retail and everything in between. Media professionals have not been immune from the influence of artificial intelligence either, especially those who work with video and photo content creation and distribution. In this post I'll explore how some of these changes are materializing for media professionals at large corporations, startups and independent creators alike

Benefits and Dangers of AI Generated Media

The benefits of AI generated media are obvious. It's a cost-effective way to create large amounts of high quality content, and it can be used to fill gaps in staffing or coverage. However, there are also some dangers associated with using this technology. AI generated media can easily be manipulated by bad actors who wish harm on others; it is not difficult for someone who knows how to manipulate the system to make it appear as though something happened that never did or said something that was never said at all (think fake news).

To avoid falling victim to these dangers yourself:

Image Generated using MidJourney and Adobe Photoshop

AI generated videos

AI generated video is a form of artificial intelligence that uses machine learning to create video content. AI-generated videos are created using computer vision, which is the use of algorithms to interpret and understand images and videos.

AI-generated video has become more common in recent years as researchers have developed better methods for teaching computers how to generate realistic looking footage from scratch. The most successful examples of this technology have been short clips of celebrities saying things they actually said in real life (i.e., Barack Obama lip syncing "Let's Get It Started" by Black Eyed Peas) but there are also attempts at longer form productions like full length feature films starring Shelley Duvall or Christopher Walken

AI generated photos

AI can create photo-realistic images.

A few years back, an AI created a photo of Barack Obama that looked so much like the former president that some people thought it was the real thing. This is just one example of how AI has revolutionized media production and made things easier for photographers who want to create realistic photos but lack the skill or time needed to do so manually.

Automated photo processing and editing

AI can be used to create photo effects, edit photos and make videos. It's not just a matter of making the process faster; it's also about achieving better results.

AI-powered image processing is particularly useful for photographers who want to experiment with different looks or styles without spending hours in front of their computer screen. For instance, if you're shooting an outdoor scene and want that vibrant look that only comes from shooting at high noon, AI will do all the heavy lifting for you by automatically adjusting your white balance and exposure settings according to where on earth your sunlit subject is located relative to its surroundings (and whether those surroundings are clouds).

Visual storytelling

AI is changing the way we tell stories.

It's not just about finding new ways to tell a story, but also creating new types of stories that were not possible before. At Ten Four, we're using AI to help create visual content for our clients that combines video and graphics into one single piece of content.

Content automation

Content automation is a process by which AI generates content. As with all technologies, it's not perfect and there are many benefits to using it--and some dangers too.

Though it may seem like science fiction, AI is already being used to create articles for online publications and news outlets around the world. In fact, over 80 percent of Forbes' listicle-style articles were written by an algorithm called Quill (which was recently acquired by Amazon). While these articles may not be Pulitzer Prize winners yet, they're still valuable because they allow publishers to scale up their output without adding staff costs or increasing production timeframes--and that means more readers get access to informative content without having their experience interrupted by ads!


As we've seen, AI generated media is a highly flexible and powerful tool that can be used to create content quickly and efficiently. It has the potential to revolutionize the way businesses create content, from marketing material to video tutorials on how to use their products. However, it also comes with some dangers that need careful consideration before you decide whether or not AI is right for your business.

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