March 10, 2023

The Importance Of Video For Real Estate Listings

Josh Buxton
Partner & Exec. Producer

Nowadays, in the world of real estate, video is the latest trend as more and more real estate  agents use video to showcase their listings. In fact, agents that utilize videos on their websites or on platforms like YouTube attract more than 85% of all buyers and sellers, and their listings get 4 times more inquiries in comparison to listings without a video. As you can see, video is a big deal in our current digital age for the real estate market. In this blog we will discuss the importance of video marketing for real estate listings and how it helps agents stand out among their competition.

Some Statistics

Recent marketing trends in the world of real estate clearly prove the power that videos have for both sellers and buyers. To better make this point, consider the following statistics:

How Does Video Help To Better Sell Real Estate?

There’s no denying it, video is instrumental in helping sell real estate and there are a few reasons for that:

Video Builds Trust Between People Doing Business

As in any business, building trust and rapport with clients and customers is critical for success. Video is the next best thing to a physical meeting as it puts a face to the agent and this is what the majority of both buyers and sellers prefer.

Video Helps To Better Showcase The Property

In our digital age, video is instrumental in helping to better showcase a property listing. It is no wonder that buyers and sellers prefer a good quality video that can easily show the property in more detail, such as virtual tour videos or drone footage videos of the property from above. A listing with video simply gives more information to people than written property listings and it does it a lot faster as opposed to photo slideshows of a property.

Videos Move Clients Further Down The Sales Funnel

Videos can help real estate agents achieve more success as they are instrumental in making clients take a desired action. A Call To Action Video (CTA) could contain, for example, a signup for a meeting or a home buyer’s class. It has been found that a CTA is a proven method that allows current and future clients to better connect with a real agent, thus moving them further down the sales funnel.

Videos Help Improve Google Search Rankings

Google's website rankings are important for any business looking to attract a wider audience online, and the same is true for real estate agents. With the use of video on your website, you can easily increase your website’s search ranking on Google guaranteeing that you will see more traffic directed to your website. Use video as part of your next property listing, if you haven't already.

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