October 29, 2022

Is Video Marketing Effective For B2B?

Josh Buxton
Partner & Exec. Producer

In the world of marketing, it has become clear for many people that video content has surged in demand as it easily allows viewers to find what they were looking for in a video clip. In the digital world of today, video marketing isn't just solely used for internal sales or B2C transactions - it has become a key part in B2B transactions as it effectively increases ROI and grows the businesses’ profit. In this blog we will talk about B2B video marketing, what it involves, and how it has become renowned world-wide as an effective marketing tool of today.

What Is B2B Video Marketing?

In the simplest terms, B2B video marketing is a marketing strategy that is aimed at planning, creating, and ultimately distributing video content to attract a B2B audience. Examples of video content used in marketing campaigns can include a video on social media channels, video on web pages, a video that is part of your newsletter, or a virtual event aimed at driving leads. This is why businesses use video marketing as it is an excellent way of reaching a target audience on social media, educating potential clients, or sharing customer testimonials.

In the world of business, B2B video marketing has gained incredible importance, and this is best understood when you take into account the following statistics from 2020:

And while B2B video marketing is a powerful tool for generating a greater brand awareness it does more than that as it effectively drives conversions, builds credibility in the brand, and demonstrates through video content your expertise in the field of your business.

Benefits Of B2B Video Marketing

It Increases Conversions

Many businesses consider video marketing a valuable investment as it is excellent at increasing conversions which ultimately increases a business's revenue. As seen in the above statistics, 72% of people prefer video content to other ad campaigns in order to get their information about a product or service, and this is important if you want to stand-out amongst the crowd. In fact, according to HubSpot, simply adding a video to a landing page increased the conversion rate by 80%!

It Improves Search Engine Rankings

Chances are that if you use Google, you may have noticed that the search engine results page will frequently have videos appear near the top. If you are a business that doesn’t have video content that appears after an organic search online, unfortunately, you are missing out. Through video marketing, you can expect to have higher traffic as search engines promote content that is engaging and this is what makes the audience more likely to travel to your site.

It Saves The Decision-Makers Time

One of the main reasons that people prefer video content is that it is easy to understand. Unlike convoluted written text-ads or lengthy blogs, video allows viewers to understand your products and services faster. This also is very applicable in B2B transactions where decision makers also are after a product or service they can quickly and easily understand so that it can bring value to their brand.

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